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001214   Nylatex Wrap 6" x 18" NON-RETURNABLE
001216   Nylatex Wrap 6" x 36" NON-RETURNABLE
001218   Nylatex Wrap 6" x 48" NON-RETURNABLE
2014   Overhead Traction Unit
1126   Oversize Hot Pack Cover
P-TENS   P-TENS 3 Mode Tens with Timer
48R   P-Trode 2" Round Fabric Top
4848   P-Trode 2" x 2" Fabric Top
2201   Pair of Exchange Exercise Handles
879100   Pals Platimum 1.25" Round
891200   Pals Platinum 1.3" x 2.1"
896230NS   Pals Platinum 1.5" x 2.5" Case
879200   Pals Platinum 2" Round
895220   Pals Platinum 2" x 2"
895240   Pals Platinum 2" x 3.5"
896240   Pals Platinum 2" x 4"
895250   Pals Platinum 2" x 5"
879300   Pals Platinum 2.75" Round
895340   Pals Platinum 3" x 4"
896350*   Pals Platinum 3" x 5"
08013   Parabath Bottom Grill
08012   Parabath Liners
08011   Paraffin Booties
08010   Paraffin Mitts
1204S   Paraffin Refill Kit
1204SC   Paraffin Refill Kit (Citrus)
2008   Pedal Exerciser
5118   Pelton Shepherd Knee/Shoulder 10" x 20"
PS5100   Pelton Shepherd Moist Heat Packs
917   Pillow Cases
9174   Pillow Cases Four Pack 400 ea
9172   Pillow Cases Two Pack 200 ea
2013   Positex® Personal Wedge™ - Large
1613   Positex® Personal Wedge™ - Standard Size
20VNLLG   Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves: Large
20VNLMD   Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves: Medium
18PFLLG   Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves: Large
18PFLMD   Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves: Medium
18PFLSM   Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves: Small
20VNLSM   Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves: Small
8211-2   Pro-Roller™ Massage Essentials
PTR636SB   Pro-Roller™ Soft Blue
PTR636SP   Pro-Roller™ Soft Pink
PTA200   Pro-Tec Roller Massager
R1500D   PT-ice™ Standard Size Cold Pack
00253   PT-Loop Exercise Loop single
00324   PT-Loop Exercise Loop single
00455   PT-Loop Exercise Loop single
50181   PT-Loop Exercise Loop single
50252   PT-Loop Exercise Loop single
5320   PT-Loop Strap: single
5321   PT-Loop Straps: 12 pack
5325   PT-Loop: 25 pack
5322   PT-Loop: 50 pack
PTdiscB   PTdisc™
R1508D12   PTice™ Cervical Size Cold Pack (12 Pack)
R1508D6   PTice™ Cervical Size Cold Pack (Six Unit Case)
R1508D   PTice™ Cervical Size Cold Pack Single Unit
R1510D   PTice™ Oversize Cold Pack
R1510D12   PTice™ Oversize Cold Pack (2 CASE PRICE)
R1510D6   PTice™ Oversize Cold Pack (CASE PRICE)
R1500D12   PTice™ Standard Size Cold Pack (2 CASE PRICE)
R1500D6   PTice™ Standard Size Cold Pack (SIX UNIT CASE PRICE)
2205   Pulley System Deluxe Unit
RP1D   Pulley System Deluxe Unit
RP1   Pulley System Economy Unit
650   Re-Ply 1.5" x 2" Oval
652   Re-Ply 2" Round
654   Re-Ply 2" Square
653   Re-Ply 3" Round
624   Reflex Tantone 2" Square
623   Reflex Tantone 2" x 4" Rectangular
23300   Rocker Board Stability Trainer
ROC216BK   Rocktape 2" x 16.5' Black
ROC216EB   Rocktape 2" x 16.5' Electric Blue
ROC216RD   Rocktape 2" x 16.5' Red
SB100FT   Sanctband™ 100 ft Tubing
SBH50   Sanctband™ 50yd Heavy Blueberry
SBL50   Sanctband™ 50yd Light Orange
SBM50   Sanctband™ 50yd Medium Lime Green
SBXH50   Sanctband™ 50yd X-Heavy Plum
SBXL50   Sanctband™ 50yd X-Light Peach
SBXXH50   Sanctband™ 50yd XX-Heavy Grey
SB50yd   Sanctband™ Resistive Exercise Band
671   SI-LOC® Support Belt - Large/Extra Large
670   SI-LOC® Support Belt - Small/Medium
PTR636A   Silver Axis™ Standard Foam Roller
22011   Single Exchange Exercise Handle (NOT PAIR)
25800   Soft Weights Assortment
R1508ST   SofTouch™ Hot/Cold Pack (Cervical)
R1509ST   SofTouch™ Hot/Cold Pack (Tri-Section)
1013ST   SofTouch™ Hot/Cold Pack 10" x 13"
1121ST   SofTouch™ Hot/Cold Pack 11" x 21"
610ST   SofTouch™ Hot/Cold Pack 6" x 10"
699   Softy™ 1 5/8" x 1 3/4"
6994Z   Softy™ 1 5/8" x 1 3/4"
109   SonoSonic™ Ultrasound Gel 5 Liters
110   SonoSonic™ Ultrasound Gel Case of 5 Liters
23323   Stability Trainer (Air Filled) Adjustable
23304   Stability Trainer, Blue
23305   Stability Trainer, Green
23306   Stability Trainers, Blue Pair
23307   Stability Trainers, Green Pair
1102   Standard Hot Pack Cover
1118   Standard Hot Pack Cover
lr1s   Standard Lumbar Roll with Strap
627SB   StarBurst 2" Round
616SB   StarBurst 2" x 2" Square
617SB   StarBurst 2" x 3.5" Rectangular
SOSTR   Stretch Out® Strap with Exercise Booklet
10-6321   Sup-R band
10-6322   Sup-R band
10-6323   Sup-R band
10-6324   Sup-R band
10-6325   Sup-R band
696SS   Superior Silver with PolyHesive™ Blue Gel
697SS   Superior Silver with PolyHesive™ Blue Gel
214546   Tape Underwrap 2.75" x 30yds
2145461   Tape Underwrap 2.75" x 30yds
TENS7000   TENS 7000 To Go™
QTGA   TensoGrip A
QTGB   TensoGrip B
QTGC   TensoGrip C
QTGD   TensoGrip D
QTGE   TensoGrip E
QTGF   TensoGrip F
QTGG   TensoGrip G
QTGJ   TensoGrip J
703   The Original McKenzie® Cervical Roll™
701   The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll - Standard Density
705   The Original McKenzie® SlimLine™ Lumbar Support
708   The Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™
TB100TUBE   Thera-Band 100-foot Resistance Tubing
3318   Thera-Band 100-foot Tubing Black (Special Heavy)
3319   Thera-Band 100-foot Tubing Blue (Extra Heavy)
3320   Thera-Band 100-foot Tubing Green (Heavy)
3321   Thera-Band 100-foot Tubing Red (Heavy)
5255   Thera-Band 100-foot Tubing Silver (Super Heavy)
3323   Thera-Band 100-foot Tubing Tan (Extra Thin)
3322   Thera-Band 100-foot Tubing Yellow (Thin)
TB25TUBE   Thera-band 25-foot Resistance Tubing
TB30   Thera-band 30-pack Dispenser
20560   Thera-band 30-pack Dispenser Black (Special Heavy)
20550   Thera-band 30-pack Dispenser Blue (Extra Heavy)
20540   Thera-band 30-pack Dispenser Green (Heavy)
20530   Thera-band 30-pack Dispenser Red (Medium)
20520   Thera-band 30-pack Dispenser Yellow (Thin)
2658   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Black (Special Heavy)
2657   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Blue (Extra Heavy)
7784   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Gold (Max)
2656   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Green (Heavy)
2655   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Red (Medium)
4992   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Silver (Super Heavy)
7029   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Tan (Extra Thin)
2654   Thera-Band 50 Yard Bulk Yellow (Thin)
TBBULK50   Thera-Band 50-Yard Bulk Resistance Band
7785   Thera-band 6-yard Roll Gold (Max)
1431   Thera-band 6-yard Roll Red (Medium)
TB6YD   Thera-band 6-yard Roll Resistance Band
7028   Thera-band 6-yard Roll Tan (Extra Thin)
1430   Thera-band 6-yard Roll Yellow (Thin)
22135   Thera-Band Accessories Kit
22140   Thera-Band Ankle Straps
22130   Thera-Band Door Anchor
22136   Thera-Band Exercise Book
22120   Thera-Band Exercise Handles
26060   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: extra firm black
26020   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: extra soft yellow
26050   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: firm blue
26040   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: medium green
26030   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: soft red
26063   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: XL extra firm black
26053   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: XL firm blue
26043   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: XL medium green
26033   Thera-Band Hand Exerciser: XL soft red
20364   Thera-Band Latex-free 25-yard Bulk Black (Special Heavy)
20354   Thera-Band Latex-free 25-yard Bulk Blue (Extra Heavy)
20344   Thera-Band Latex-free 25-yard Bulk Green (Heavy)
20334   Thera-Band Latex-free 25-yard Bulk Red (Medium)
20324   Thera-Band Latex-free 25-yard Bulk Yellow (Thin)
11730   Thera-Band Latex-Free 50-yard Bulk Black (Special Heavy)
11729   Thera-Band Latex-Free 50-yard Bulk Blue (Extra Heavy)
11728   Thera-Band Latex-Free 50-yard Bulk Green (Heavy)
11727   Thera-Band Latex-Free 50-yard Bulk Red (Thin)
11726   Thera-Band Latex-Free 50-yard Bulk Yellow (Thin)
83472   Thera-Band Prescription High Resistance Pack
83471   Thera-Band Prescription Low Resistance Pack
21735   Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Kit Black Special Heavy 50" with soft handles
21734   Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Kit Blue Extra Heavy 48" with soft handles
21733   Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Kit Green Heavy 48" with soft handles
21732   Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Kit Red Medium 48" with soft handles
21736   Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Kit Silver Super Heavy 50" with soft handles
21731   Thera-Band Resistance Tubing Kit Yellow Thin 48" with soft handles
11753   Thera-Band Roller Massager+
11756   Thera-Band Roller Massager+
22125   Thera-Band Sport Exercise Handle
21310   Thera-Band Tubing Pack, High Resistance
21300   Thera-Band Tubing Pack, Low Resistance
22010   Thera-Band® Assist™ Attachment Device
22300   Thera-Band® Strech Strap

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